i2f multimedia projects


  • Druum
    Brussels | 2016 
    logo druumi2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick
    Start the show from your bed
  • Scaldis
    Oudenaarde | 2016 
    logo mou museumi2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick
    Simple interactivity
  • Sedus Stoll
    Aalst | 2016 
    logo sedus stolli2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick
    Engaging reveal
  • Train World
    Brussels | 2015 
    logo train worldi2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick| i2f MediaController
    Wow factor
  • Entry points Ypres Salient
    Ieper | 2015 
    logo in flanders fieldsi2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick
    In all weather conditions
  • The Bridge of Vroenhoven
    Riemst | 2014 
    logo the bridge of vroenhoveni2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick| i2f MediaController
    Variety in applications, i2f Media Products as a bridge
  • logo fin de siècle museumfin de siècle museum
    Brussels | 2013 | i2f MediaBox | i2f MediaBrick | i2f MediaController
    Technology and multimedia amidst art
  • logo leffeMaison Leffe
    Dinant | 2012
    i2f MediaBox| i2f MediaBrick| i2f MediaController
    Multi-media multi-interactive and unmanned
  • logo mou museumMOU
    Oudenaarde | 2012 
    i2f MediaBox | i2f MediaBrick
    Content and interactivity in refined layers

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